Setting Specific Orthopedic and Spine Exercise Course.

2023 FPTA approved for 9.5 CEU: CE23-478522. Cost: $169 

Course Outline
As Physical/Occupational Therapists and Physical/Occupational Therapist Assistants we are often looked at or referred to as the experts in exercise therapy.  Exercise therapy may be prescribed or performed with different goals or objectives in mind, including pain control, strength training, coordination improvement etc. to name just a few.
In addition, there are many factors that may influence the outcome of the exercise regimen prescribed/performed. These factors include patient?s compliance, patient?s performance, clinician?s explanation, many disease
processes, exercise progression, medication etc.
This course will address these very topics. It will discuss the basics of exercise therapy by reviewing muscular anatomy and physiology and by then addressing how extrinsic factors such as medication, progression etc.
will affect the exercise therapy program. Intrinsic factors such as disease processes affecting muscles will be discusses as well.
Furthermore, exercise principles such as open-vs. closed chain, eccentric-->isometric-->concentric will be discussed and practiced as well. In addition, many of the currently applicable surgical orthopedic and spine
protocols will be reviewed, discuss

Course Objectives: This course starts at 8:30 

After attending this course, the attendee will

? Have a sound understanding of current exercise principles and howthese may be applied to a variety of surgical and non-surgical patient protocols.
? Have an appreciation of the importance of understanding a proposed pre- and post-operative protocol and non-operative exercise protocols.
? Have an appreciation of the importance of appropriate communication with the referring surgeon.
? Refreshed appreciation of the anatomy and physiology of muscle and connective tissue, and application of this knowledge to build a more effective exercise program.
? Be able to modify/amend/apply exercise principles, based on an existing disease process or medication, and be able to modify based on the patient?s care setting (Hospital, Rehab/Skilled Nursing, Homecare, Outpatient).
? Be able to establish an evidence based/effective exercise program

2023 Schedule.
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 October 14, 2023, Orlando  in
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Orlando: Embassy Suites

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