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Medical Errors/HIV-AIDS/Abuse

FPTA approved for 4.0 CEU's for 2023 for 4.0 CEU's 
Cost: $39      CE23-478534

This course will cover the mandatory Medical Errors education (Includes the MANDATORY two (2) hours of prevention of medical errors education as required by the FPTA for PT's and PTA's)
In addition to the mandatory requirement, this course also includes the HIV-AIDS education (this is still required for first renewal) and the Abuse course.
All together, this course will get the participant 4.0 CEU's.
For more details regarding the educational requirements as required by the FPTA, please click HERE


This learning program will provide an introduction to the safety concerns facing health care systems today, including data and background on the magnitude of the problem, error reduction and prevention, and root cause analysis. Processes to design blameless systems, which promote patient safety as well as ways to analyze data, will be reviewed. Current industry changes including the Florida Hospital Association (FHA) models, new Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO) patient safety standards and presidential and congressional activities are identified.

Culture changes, analysis tools, improvement approaches, reporting processes, and risk management issues will be discussed. Finally, individual practitioner issues related to medical errors such as medication errors, surgical errors and other aspects will be reviewed. These topics will describe ways to promote safety and improve outcomes for patients including special populations. Patients and family participation and care will be highlighted as a key component to safety.


ME test
HIV Course
Domestic Violence Course
Domestic Violence Test
Combined Answersheet

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Orthopedic Joint Replacements 2023 Edition: FPTA approved for 7.5 CEU's for 2023 Cost: $79


This online seminar will allow you to earn 7.5 CEU's from the convenience of your home (or where ever you choose to complete the seminar)
The course itself is very similar to the live version we have: "New Technologies affecting Post-operative Rehabilitation for Orthopedic Joint Procedures"


With today?s rapid development and introduction of new orthopedic implants, it is hard to keep up with these developments. This seminar will discuss new developments in orthopedic replacement techniques and how these procedures affect post-op rehab. Genderknee, reverse shoulder and Birmingham hip resurfacing and other new technologies will be discussed Functional rehab and it?s affect on clinical outcomes will be discussed as well.

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Click here for the combination offer. Pay $99 for both ME/HIV/AIDS/Domestic Violence and the Orthopedic Joint Replacements and get 11.5 CEU's