Zoom Instructions

For 2023 we will be offering all of our course LIVE in person or via ZOOM, just like we did last year.

All of the ZOOM links for each of our seminars are already uploaded so you will not be getting an email from us with additional links or instructions

  • You can click on these links from any device, cell phone or PC.
  • You do not have to download the zoom application but we recommend you do since the ZOOM class will work better through the ZOOM app.
  • All of our links are active already so feel free to try the link well in advance of the seminar you are attending.
  • We realize you can link into the class without payment but we verify registrations at the beginning of each class. The payment is done through a different payment button or by calling the office at 727-808-6663
  • Audio can be streamed through your device such as PC or tablet, or it can be streamed through your cell. Do not connect your audio through two devices as it will create a static echo for the rest of the class to hear.
  • If you are attending the class with multiple people at a single location, only one person needs to log in.
  • We will check in every one at the beginning and at the end of the seminar and several times throughout the seminar
  • Please have a camera available and leave it on throughout the seminar
  • We can accept seminars to be attended without but only approve that on a case by case scenarion
  • If you are having trouble connecting at the beginning of the class or at any point thereafeter, please text of call our office at 727-808-6663 and Emmy will assist you. She also stays in contact with each of our educators during our seminars
  • We will email your course certificate back to you right after the seminar
    Your CEU's will be uploaded directly into CE Broker by 6:00 PM of the seminar day.
  • Yes, we upload on the weekends as well. Our average upload time is 30 mins.
  • Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you for your registration and I will see you all at the next seminar!

Kind Regards

Dr. Jay