An Introduction to Manual Therapy for PT's and PTA's

2023 FPTA approved for 9.5 CEU's: CE23-478528, Cost: $179

Course Description

There appears to be a misunderstanding or a disconnect amongst PT?s and PTA?s about what manual therapy consist of and how it should be used within our profession.This course will clear up this confusion, educating the attendees on the current State Practice Acts and how this may affect the way manual therapy is applied.  We will also define manual therapy and discuss proper application of manual therapy and it?s affect on the patient. A current review of the Chiropractic State Practice Act will be presented to help discuss the coexistence of Chiropractic and Physical Therapy. After this, the attendee will learn about the development of manual therapy and the different views that exist. This will include the discussion of theories brought forward by Evjenth, Kaltenborn, Paris, McKenzie and others.Finally, before one can effectively apply manual therapy techniques, one would have to have a solid understanding of anatomy, arthrology and neurologic pathways, so these will be discussed as well before the educator will discuss common joints that are mobilized. Finally, there will be a hands on session explaining certain techniques, all the while explaining which techniques are appropriate for PT?s and which ones are appropriate for PTA?s.
Course Outline: This course starts at 8:30

*    Practice act comparison; PT vs. PTA. What are we allowed to do?
*    Chiropractic, a legal discussion. 
*    Joint Anatomy
*    Joint Physiology and neuro anatomy
*    Arthrokinematics
*    Mobilizations: Different views: When to mobilize, when to stabilize
     - McKenzie
     - Kalternborn
     - Evjenth
     - Paris
     - Maitland
     - Mulligan
*    Classifications of mobilization
*    Importance of documentation  
*    Most common joints to receive mobilizations
*    Practical

Course Objectives
After attending this course, attendees will:
- have learned about the history of manual therapy
- understand the differences in Practice Acts between PT's, PTA's and Chiropractors
- understand the definition of manual therapy and skilled passive range of motion
- appreciate arthrokinematics and be able to apply evidence based techniques to facilitate joint movement
- be able to differentiate the different classifications of mobilization             
- appreciate the importance of documentation      
- learned about the most common joints to receive mobilizations

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October 7, 2023 

In person or via ZOOM

Orlando: Embassy Suites

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