Comprehensive Management of Back and Neck pain
2023 FPTA approved for 9.5 Live CEU's, CE23-478526 

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Course Description

This seminar will review today?s options for back and neck pain. Conservative options including Physical Therapy, Manual Therapy, Pain management and Spinal injections will be discussed, all per region. The latest surgical options including Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Endoscopic Spine Surgery, Discectomy, Laminectomy, Spinal Fusion, Disc replacement, Foraminotomy, Scoliosis Surgery will be discussed as well. In addition, Spinal anatomy will be reviewed. Furthermore, functional outcomes as they relate to these different treatment options will be discussed. THIS COURSE NOW INCLUDES A 1:00 REVIEW OF STEM CELL THERAPY, CURRENTY USED TO TREAT CERTAIN SPINAL CONDITIONS

Course Outline: This course starts at 8:30

8:30-8:45 Course Objectives
8:45-9:00 History of management of back and neck pain
9:00-9:45 Future developments and projections and how these will affect our professions 
9:45-10:00 Break
10:00-12:00 Spinal Anatomy
12:30-1:00 Lunch (on your own)
1:00-1:30 Common Dysfunctions
1:30-2:00 Compression Fractures 
2:00-2:45 Spinal Stenosis
2:45-3:30 Disc Degeneration 
3:30-3:45 Break
3:45-4:45 Spinal Implants
4:45-5:00 Spinal InjectionsImportance of education
5:00-5:15 Surgical Interventions

Course Objectives for PT/PTA/OT/OTA

This course will give the PT/OT/PTA/COTA a better understanding of commonly used surgical and non-surgical techniques common disorders of the spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar). Commonly used OT/PT treatments will be discussed as will bracing, medical management, TFESI's, Nerve Stimulators, TENS, Kyphplasties, discectomies, TLIF, PLIF, XLIF, lumbar, cervical fusions, stem cell therapy to name a few. Understanding the natural treatent progression of ones patient suffering from spinal disorders will allow the PT/OT to be more specific and more effective when designing the PT/OT Plan of Care and give the PT/OT/PTA/COTA a great understanding of the treatment plan proposed by the evaluating therapist.

Having this understanding will allow the clinician to reintroduce functional activities faster to help return the patient to reach their prior level of function faster and more safely.

Furthermore, understanding the rationale behind different treatment approaches prescribed by the ordering physician, will allow the PT/OT/PTA/COTA to better progress the patient towards their goal and allow the treating therapist to better understand when to refer the patient back to the referring physican to allow for more effective and more efficient health care provided to the patient.

After this course, the attendee will:

* Have reviewed functional anatomy pertaining to spinal disorders

* Understand the treatment philosophy for common spinal disorders including spinal stenosis, DDD, DJD, Vertebral  compression fractures to name a few
* Understand commonly employed surgical techniques and their functional implications for the patients (spinal fusions,   ACDF, TLIF, PLIF, ALIF, XLIF, Kyphoplasties, etc.)
* Have a better awareness of less invasive options for pts suffering from spinal pain: (n)SAID's, TFESI, Facet blocks,   Traction, Rhizotomies, Stem Cell, Nerve Ablations)
* Have a good understanding of clinical precautions typically prescribed to patients undergoing aforementioned   procedures

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2023 Comprehensive Management of Back and Neck Pain.
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  November 11, 2023

 FastMD Trinity
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Odessa, FL, 33556

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